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“Mister Speaker The President of the United States!”

With these eight words, the United States begins its yearly political ritual known as the State of the Union Address.  This address is required by the Second Article of the U.S. Constitution: “He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”  The Address being yearly is merely tradition set forth by the college of presidents.   Also, it important to note that before President Woodrow Wilson, many presidents did not give an address in person rather sent a letter to congress, fulfilling the Constitutional requirement.  Tonight we will once again enjoy an amazing American political custom.  Co-Contributor Michael Burleson will be providing a commentary of our President Barack Obama and I will be providing the commentary for the Republican response by Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) and the Tea Party Response giving by former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain.

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What Does an Incumbent President do on an Election Year?

Well, they do heavy campaigning, of course. In the last election cycle, President Obama raised over $760 Million and is expected to top that by raising over $1 Billion this year. The year, the candidates over all are predicted to spend over $8 Billion. 

But besides vamping up on the re-election campaign, President Obama is taking steps to appeal to the “undeclared” voters that he may have gotten in the last election that are in the toss up this round. Today, the President called on Congress for the power to shrink the size of the federal government, something that the GOP candidates are really pushing. This proposal comes at a very strategic time and poses a contrast to statement made by GOP candidates who have called the Obama Administration a far-left, government expanding, ploy. 

Bottom line, we can look forward to proposals and promises that appeal to middle of the road voters from both sides. 

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Iowa Caucus day!

Today Iowa will be the first state to decide which GOP candidate will represent the Republican party in the 2012 election. Regardless of your political affiliation, we invite you to set aside the mire that fills campaigns and glance at what these folks are about. Here we’d like to describe some of the main issues that the candidates are supporting. In an attempt remove bias and the ever changing poll predictions, we shall list candidates in birth order youngest to oldest. In the first line of each candidate will be his or her age, what state they are from, most recent elected office and religious affiliation.

Jon Huntsman: Age 51, Utah, Governor of Utah, Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)/It’s complicated.

While other candidates are focusing in on Iowa, former Utah Governor, Mr. Huntsman is focusing on New Hampshire. He was appointed by President Obama to serve as Ambassador to China in 2008. He supports more jobs here in the U.S. rather than overseas, promoting a “manufacturing renaissance” and giving more support to small businesses. Mr. Huntsman is also very experienced in matters of foreign policy; in 1992 Bush Sr. appointed Mr. Huntsman the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, the youngest person to be appointed a senior ambassadorship in over a century. With these qualifications, if Mr. Huntsman does not win the Presidential nomination, he could very well be on the short list for Vice Presidential nominees. (For more information about this candidate please visit:

Rick Santorum: Age 53, Pennsylvania, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, Evangelical Roman Catholic

Rick Santorum is interested in a mass over hall of the health care system beginning with the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Health Care Bill) then developing some other type of health care reform. He wants to cut the deficit by freezing spending in defense as well as social programs like education, food stamps, housing, job training and medicaid; raising revenue by returning to the Reagan era pro-growth top tax rate. His expanded spending reform plan can be found on his campaign website. (For more information about this candidate please visit:

Michele Bachmann: Age 55, Minnesota, U.S. Representative from Minnesota’s 6th District, Lutheran/Evangelical

Winner of the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll, Ms. Bachmann has used Iowa as her primary (no pun intended) campaign grounds. Her proposed plan includes the repeal of the Health Care Bill, cuting spending, taxes and the size of government, enforcing immigration laws while increasing American made products and exports. Ms. Bachmann’s tenure in congress has been marked by bold statements and a lack of legislative success. As founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House, she has shown leadership and legislative potential; nevertheless, she has not passed a single major piece of legislation in her six years in office. The last time a setting Representative was elected President was James Garfield in 1880, nearly one-hundred and thirty year ago. If Ms. Bachmann wins the nomination she will make history, if not the best course of action for her would be to gain a high level House Leadership position (Speaker of the House is probably her goal) and either run for the governorship of Minnesota or U.S. Senator in 2014. (For more information about this canidate please visit:

Rick Perry: Age 61, Texas, Governor of Texas, Evangelical Christian

Perry wishes to restore the economy by cutting taxes and spending, balance our budget by 2020 and work on job creation in the private sector. As a conservative, Perry would support a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution and has pledged to only appoint judges who interpret the law as written. (For more information about this canidate please visit:

Mitt Romney: Age 64, Massachusetts, Former Governor of Massachusetts, Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

Mr. Romney claims that on his first day in office he will begin steps to repeal Obamacare and then work to slow the increasing cost of health care, and offer tax incentives for people who purchase their own health insurance. As far as an economic plan, he wants to reduce taxes, spending and government programs while increasing trade, energy production and labor flexibility. In Iowa, he has appeared confident and has consistently made remarks about President Obama’s “failures” rather then campaigning aginst fellow Republicans. (For more information about this canidate please visit:

Newt Gingrich: Age 68, Georgia, Speaker of the House from Georgia’s 6th district, Roman Catholic (formerly Baptist)

Utilizing a similar strategy as Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich’s 21st Century Contract with America contains all his major platforms. His plan is to set legislation that improves the economy, issue a series of executive orders to change the function of the executive branch and ultimately reduce the size of government through a sustained national grassroots movement. Mr. Gingrich will also reform the American education system to better compete with other emerging countries in the areas of math and science. (For more information about this candidate please visit:

Ron Paul: Age 76, Texas, U.S. Represenatative from Texas’s 14th District, Baptist

Known for being a liberitarian leaning Republican and the “grand-father” of the Tea-Party movement, Ron Paul is a unique type of Republican candidate. Dr. Paul holds fast to a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constiution and wants to reform the tax system by disbanding the Federal Reserve and insisting that congress acomplish their constitutional responsibilities. His ultimate goal if elected is to reduced the role government plays in the lives of individual people by supporting homeschooling, removal of estate and capital gains taxes and cutting most other government taxes. The 2012 elections will be his third shot at the presidency, making him the Henry Clay of our generation. (For more information about this canidate please visit:

Stay tuned for commentary from our Iowa Caucus party! 

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