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Quick Election Update!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the GOP Primary. 

Nevada - The state went to Romney, as it did in the 2008 primary.  Gingrich, Paul and Sanatorium came in second, third and forth respectively.

Maine - The caucus began on Feb. 4 and will end on Feb. 11.

Today are the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses.  Rick Sanatorium, who is polling favorably in these states, is looking for a strong victory.  

Either today will see the eventual nominee become more presumptive or the race will be shaken up.  The 2012 GOP Primary season has been characterized by a level of unpredictability.  We will know more tonight!  Stay tuned!

Braedon Taylor

PS:  Keep you questions about tough issues coming!!!

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Gingrich on the Future of the Moon:

I couldn’t resist blogging about what GOP Candidate Newt Gingrich claims he will do by the end of his second Presidential term. He says that he would “have a colony on the moon.” No really. He claimed himself as the leader of the “Moon Land Ordinance,” meaning that when the population of our “moon colony” reaches 13,000 people, it could apply for statehood. Of course, this moon colony wouldn’t be for leisure! It would be used for farming, manufacturing and crime fighting. I am still in disbelief. 

Newt Gingrich has previously commented on “reckless spending” done by the Obama Administration. But I wonder if he knows that the average cost of a NASA launch mission is $450 MILLION! And that’s after it takes $1.7 BILLION to build a shuttle. 

I would rather hear him talk about his specific plans for our economy, the education system or our healthcare system. But no… He’s gaining support by promising a colony on the moon. I’m speechless. 


(This blog is not really from a neutral perspective. I won’t lie and tell you it is…but really?)

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Jake's Report: Tonight's GOP Debate, Crucial?


By: Jake W Kazmierczak

With the Florida Primary just five days away, tonight’s debate could arguably be the most important yet.  Not only is it the last before the Florida primary, but the space between today’s debate and the next in February is a massive 28 days.

This is crucial for the every candidate because one slip up could completely derail their campaign and leave them without a good chance of recovery for nearly a month! Nonetheless, the two candidates feeling the majority of the pressure are Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. 

Ever since Gingrich took South Carolina by storm, he and Mitt have been clawing at one another for the ever desired front runner status. The polls reflect just that. According to The Quinnipiac University Poll Romney and Gingrich are “essentially tied” pulling 36%/34% respectably with a 2% margin of error.

This means, quite frankly, that literally every decided and undecided Floridian voter will have their eyes glued to the TV tonight providing the candidates with one last shot to win their vote.

Don’t miss it, I know I won’t.

The debate starts at 8PM Eastern on CNN.

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Jake's Report: Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina And Praises His Opponents


Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina And Praises His Opponents
By: Jake W Kazmierczak
  • Newt Gingrich: 41%
  • Mitt Romney: 27%
  • Rick Santorum: 17%
  • Ron Paul: 13%

Following his victory in South Carolina Gingrich gives praise to all three of the other candidates, here is what he said:

“Rick Santorum…here’s a guy who may have been as right about the dangers of Iran as anybody in this country in the last ten years… You have Dr. Ron Paul who on the issue of money and the federal reserve has been right for 2 years… there’s no doubt that a lot of his critique of inflation, of fiat money, and of the federal reserve is in fact absolutely the right direction and is something I can support strongly… and finally governor Romney… is nonetheless a good example of America, he is hard working, he has been very successful, he has organized large systems, he did a terrific job at the winter Olympics…” -Newt Gingrich

In my opinion, this is an attempt to pull together the conservative vote. Gingrich obviously realizes that there is a split among the Republican party and I think by acknowledging his similarities with the other candidates he may be able to show that if he is the nominee, he could bring together all of the former candidates to create a Republican Power-House against Obama. Especially with Ron Paul, if Gingrich can some how get Ron Paul supporters on his side through their common agreement in regards to the Fed, the 2012 election may be a little less nerve wracking for the conservatives of america.

See the video here:

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Perry Drops, Santorum Actually Won Iowa and Romney Gets Evangelicals?

Watching CNN this morning was weird. Those guys were all over the place they had so much to talk about. 

First: Perry withdraws his Presidential bid (finally.) It is still unknown if he will endorse another candidate. If I had to guess who he would pick, it would be between Paul and Santorum. The former because Ron Paul is also from the great state of Texas and the latter because Santorum because he seems the most socially conservative. 

Second: New and apparently more accurate numbers are coming in from Iowa on the Caucus results from January 3rd. They show that Santorum actually beat Romney by a very narrow margin. While the few votes that separated them don’t mean a lot now, he is officially “the winner.” 

Third: There were some polls taken on South Carolina Evangelical voters that placed Romney above Gingrich and Santorum. Will this trend continue through the Southern states? I doubt it. Even though the winner of South Carolina has gone on to receive the nomination of their party for over 30 years, if Romney wins it’s possible that the decision will be tougher and drag on through the Southern states. 

Oh, and: Palin endorses Gingrich. Not surprising. The numbers for Newt are getting closer and closer to Romney as the South Carolina Primary approaches and we will definitely see the remaining candidates closing in on Romney in the debate tonight much like they did earlier in the week. 

"Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other." - Oscar Ameringer 1870-1943

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South Carolina Debate Highlights

South Carolina GOP Debate Highlights

(Candidates are in the order that they first spoke)

Gingrich: When asked about his attacks on Romney, he said that he raised harsh questions because that Romney’s record would not stand up to Obama in the fall. When asked how long unemployment benefits should go on, he said that there should be required job training while on those benefits. He cited that 90 weeks is the equivalent of an Associates degree and a government should help people who help themselves. Supports a 15% tax rate. When asked about his statement about poor adolescents being “lazy” and proposed that impoverished students should work as janitors in their schools. He cited that if students work, they will learn an ethic and show up for school, which will eventually improve their economic situation. Wants to offer a private retirement savings account that is voluntary. He pointed to the model in Chile, where the private accounts have a much higher return. Wants to consolidate programs that are used to help the poor into a single one and then use what’s left to balance the budget. Called No Child Left Behind a failure, says to get rid of regulation, the department of education and return that power to the states and the individual school districts.

Romney: Defending his work in the private sector, Romney said that in his experience, there was some success and some loss. He quickly moved from his record in the private sector to his record as Governor and the successes he had there. When asked if he believed that felons who have served their time should be given the right to vote, he said that people who have committed violent crimes should not be able to vote.  When asked about keeping the financial system going, he said that importance would come in getting government out of business, reforming the tax system, opening up new markets across the world and getting people back to work.  Supported lower tax rates of about 25%. Anticipates releasing his income tax records around April. When asked about his position on immigration and the Dream Act, he said that people who come to the U.S. illegally should not be given extra help over people who come the “correct” way and said that he would veto the Dream Act if he has the chance as President. When asked about the War on Terror and negotiations he said absolutely not and that America needs to recognize that we are under attack and to have a military so strong and pursue interests around the world so that no other force would consider the challenge. Said that he supports the National Defense Authorization Act. On retirement, he said that he would balance social security by offering higher benefits for lower income people and lowering it for higher income reciepients. and offer a premium medicare plan where people could buy extra care and letting competition exist. Does not support new gun laws.

Perry: He is still leaning on his efforts as Governor and the very strong Texas economy. He then stated that his tax records have been public for several years, Gingrich will soon release his and then he called on Romney to release his. He said that he plans on repealing business regulations that “strangle” the economy. Supported a flat tax rate. When asked if Turkey still belongs in NATO due to the current situation there, he responded with “no” as well as not giving foreign aid to countries that are a threat. On help to the housing market, he cited his proposed flat tax, which he says would give people peace of mind on their investment. He cited the “healthy and growing” Texas housing market and moved on to his proposal of a balanced budget amendment and making congress a part time position so they “could live under the laws they pass” Wants to secure the border within a year of his presidency. 

Ron Paul: When asked about some of the adds his campaign ran being too harsh towards the other candidates, he said that he pointed to Santorum’s voting record. When asked about proposed in military cuts, he said he wants to cut defense spending that is outside of the country and bringing more of those troops back to the U.S. He cited that he receives more than twice the funding from the military than all of the other candidates. 0% tax rate? Asked how he would fix disparities in arrest rates in minorities, he cited discrimination in sentencing as well as the drug war that unfairly hits the minority. When asked about the War on Terror, he said he wants to end the war, and that we should not do to other countries things that we do not want done to us.

Santorum: Responding to Ron Paul’s comments on his voting record, he said that he is “not perfect” and there are things that he would repeal in office that he previously voted for like NCLB. When asked about extending jobless benefits, he said he did not support benefits that extended over 90 weeks. He said that he would give decisions like unemployment programs back to the states to meet their individual needs. Has two tax rates similar to Reagan Era. When asked about the situation on poverty, he said cited a study that said the ways to avoid poverty are to work, finish high school and get married before having children. Does not support a military mission in Syria. About the National Defense Authorization Act, said that the standard of due process and habeaus corpus should be upheld. Supports a flat tax rate for big and small companies that would level the playing field here. He strongly supports savings plans as well as balancing the budget. Supported trigger locks and background checks on gun purchases. He also voted with the NRA.

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South Carolina Debate!

I am currently keeping track of the South Carolina Debate. I will be summing up what the candidates are supporting and like last time, I’m typing as I watch so it jumps around as the debate does. 

Debates are a good way to see how candidates defend their positions on important issues and when what they would plan to do if elected to office. 


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How Long Will Perry Stick Around?

I am a little surprised he hasn’t withdrawn his Presidential bid already. He just doesn’t have the support and I don’t think he’s going to get it any time soon. His early campaign mistakes have cost him A LOT. He received less than 1% in votes from New Hampshire and only 10% in Iowa.

But where will his support go when he leaves? 

I think it will be Ron Paul. Texas Evangelicals tend to stick together (Remember Ron Paul trying to help out in the famous “oops” debate?). Not to mention Paul is a strict on his interpretation of the Constitution. 

It’s also possible that his support will go to Santorum, who is receiving quite a bit of the conservative Christian vote. 

Basically, I think Perry would rather see anyone besides Romney receive the nomination. 

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