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A Three Way Tie

With all major news outlets reporting a 40% plus victory for Newt Gingrich in South Carolina we now have a three way tie creating one of the most interesting primary seasons in recent memory. Here is a recap on the elections so far:


First: Rick Santorum - 24.56% (won by 34 votes)
Second: Mitt Romney - 24.54%
Third: Ron Paul - 21.43%
Fourth: Newt Gingrich - 13.31%

New Hampshire:

First: Mitt Romney - 39.28%
Second: Ron Paul - 22.89%
Third: Huntsman (out)
Fourth: Gingrich - 9.43%
Fifth: Rick Santorum - 9.42%

South Carolina:

First: Newt Gingrich
Second: Mitt Romney
Third: Ron Paul
Fourth: Rick Santorum

Next Up: Florida 31 January 2012

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Why New Hampshire Matters

First in the Nation state, New Hampshire holds it’s Primary tonight. For those of you who don’t know, New Hampshire is not a closed election, meaning those who are not affiliated with the party-undeclared voters-are able to vote in the Primary. (Undeclared DOES NOT mean undecided) New Hampshire actually passed a law to ensure that they would be the first state in the nation to hold a Primary election (Iowa slipped through the cracks because they hold a Caucus) but when other states tried to schedule their election earlier than the year before, New Hampshire would just move theirs to the week before. The state has historically been a good indicator of who would win the nomination for their prospective party and the winner did receive the nomination up until the pattern broke in 1992 in Clinton. After he lost the New Hampshire Primary, he claimed himself “the Comeback Kid” and went on to receive the nomination and the Presidency. Since 1992 the winner of New Hampshire has NOT gone on to win the nomination, Obama lost to Hillary in 2008, who dropped out of the race in early June and endorsed Obama. 

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New Hampshire Debate

GOP New Hampshire Debate:
We typed things while watching the debate, so we changed topics with the debate. Below are the highlights that are either summed up or quoted from the candidates.
Across the board, the candidates call Obama’s Presidency “a failed” one. While the current GOP candidates may not be particularly fond of each other, they do agree that there needs to be serious changes in Washington. Romney even said that he “would endorse the GOP candidate” in order to get Obama out of office.

Rick Perry: Claims that he and possibly John Huntsman are the “only ones” who have “not been part of the problem in Washington.” Perry is heavily leaning on his efforts in Texas and the state economy which has the second highest GDP in the nation (coming in just behind California.) Spoke on his military experience and Obama’s cutting of the defense budget, saying that it endangers our freedoms. Still pointing to current administration’s “war on religion.” Said that he would want to send troops back into Iraq, (Something that will make for a tough campaign slogan) says that Iran will soon move back in and our time spent there will be worthless. Wants to get “Washington out of the hair” of business. Says that we could put America back to work on our energy. Said that if New Hampshire were a Right to work state, saying it would create a significant amount of jobs.

Rick Santorum: On the topic of gay marriage, he supports an amendment to the constitution that would illegitimate current marriages that are not between a man and a woman. Claims that our future leader needs a very strong vision for Afghanistan as well as Iran. Has pledged to dump the current tax code and replace it, only offering exemptions based on healthcare, housing, education, children, and charities. He wants to eliminate corporate tax and repeal regulation. Opposed big bail out plans and has made efforts to appeal to blue collar workers. He claims that the Obama administration has used terms like “class warfare” to turn groups against one another and instead he would make efforts to unite our country in order to help the economy recover.

Jon Huntsman: Cites the “trust deficit” in the U.S. that has been created and needs to be bridged in order to fix conflicts. When asked about gay marriage, Huntsman differed from the others in the fact that he supports civil unions and benefits in those unions. Said that as President, he would work to bring troops out of the Middle East by 2013, but also said that there is a threat that can’t be ignored in South East Asia. Predicts that a civil war is around the corner in Afghanistan and rather than allowing more loss, it’s time to recognize our achievements and move out. Claims that he would have “ripped open the tax code” and cited the Simpson Bowles plan and raise revenues. Cites our possible “Manufacturing Renaissance.” Says that if we could fix our tax system, we can rebuild jobs and get our economy moving. Says that our relationship with China is incredibly important in order to serve America’s needs as far as our economy. Says that if we place a tariff on Chinese goods, it would start a trade war that small exporters can’t afford.

Ron Paul:  Made it clear that he is a strict constitutionalists.  Meaning that he believes every power the U.S. Government has is outlined in the founding document.  He especially stresses the importance in his opinion of formally delivered war as opposed to “conflicts” authorised the president.  Concerning the same subject, Dr. Paul feels very strongly about veterans affairs and the importance of military service to the position of Commander-in-Chief, nearly calling Mr. Gingrich a draft dodger.  His libertarian views inform his economic views as well.  In the past 26 years, Dr. Paul has not voted in favor of many appropriations bills in protest of the pork spending he feels is wrong.  Also, along these lines he favors personal privacy over national security particularly concerning the patriot act.

Mitt Romney:  Mr. Romney primarily played defense.  Nothing he said was really controversial, compared to the other candidates.  Honestly, he is biding time for a nearly sure win in New Hampshire on Tuesday.  Romney primarily focused on the economic issues considering his background in business stating that Obama has not helped the economy with his policies and they have made it more difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in this country.  He is for changing the corporate tax code to resemble other first world countries in an effort to bring more companies to the US.  On the social front he is non-discriminatory against homosexuals, stating that he nominated bureaucratic and judicial officers that participated in the lifestyle, agrees that homosexual couples should be able to adopt children and include them in the benefits of marriage without marriage.

Newt Gingrich:  Concerning foreign policy, Mr. Gingrich feels that we need a fundamentally new strategy concerning the middle-east and the new Arab spring movement.  His play would be similar to the U.S. strategy during the cold war, this illustrates his tenancy for old foreigner policy rather then a “fundamentally new strategy.”  He also rang in on U.S. infrastructure and the need for improvements to the road system and an energy plan that would remove our dependence on foreign oil.  He also thinks homosexuals should have the right to contractual arrangements to allow for hospital visits and the like but the Catholic Church should not have to place children with homosexual couples.

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